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Makkin Our Way Through Shetland Questions

We are so excited about the upcoming Makkin Our Way Through Shetland trips coming up in August 2021. As we prepare to travel, we know you have questions, and we want to get you the information you need to plan to have as enjoyable a time as possible.

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Productive Fair Isle Swatching

A common practice for swatching on Shetland is to knit a hat. It allows knitters to test out patterns and colors, and confirm their gauge. In the end, the knitter will have a hat that will surely fit someone, and their time and yarn will be put to productive use.

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Designers: Gauge is important! (Yes, even for shawls.)

Yes, I bear some of the responsibility for not remembering to check gauge before hand and for not contacting the designer when I saw that information was missing. But for the designer to not even include it really, really annoys me. It reflects a lack of respect for her own designs as well as for the time and resources of those who will knit her patterns.

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